On Cherry Trees and Nostalgia

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This is what Italian cherry trees look like…

I ran out the back door and down the hill at full speed, jumping over the sandbox and straight for the cherry tree. Pulling ripe fruit off the lowest hanging branches before shoving them into my mouth and running toward the swings, I smiled. My sister and I played in our backyard for hours stopping only for snacks from the cherry tree. My mother, wide-mouthed basket in hand approached the cherry tree at a slower gait before selecting fruit for cherry crisp. The kitchen looked like a murder scene when she removed the pits, slicing each cherry in half before baking them with brown sugar, oatmeal and butter, so much butter. Continue reading

Gardening: a new beginning


I am a neglectful gardener. I love the planning process. The reading gardening books. Shopping for seeds. Drawing plans out on graph paper. Researching what will grow best in my 4×6 raised bed. I am very good at these things. I check out all the right books from the library. Ask all the right questions of the Master Gardeners at the South Minneapolis Gardening Hub. I take detailed notes and am an excellent gardener. On paper. Continue reading