Sour Cream Coffee Cake


I don’t know Karen Christensen, but I’ve loved her coffee cake for 20 some years now. Her recipe is dog-eared in my copy of the Zion Lutheran Church Cookbook from Denison, Iowa. It’s the perfect Monday morning baked-good. You mix the batter the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Pop it in the oven the next morning while you’re in the shower and 30 minutes later, you’re greeted with a spicy, tender crumb. The perfect side dish to a mug of strong coffee. Continue reading

Gardening: a new beginning


I am a neglectful gardener. I love the planning process. The reading gardening books. Shopping for seeds. Drawing plans out on graph paper. Researching what will grow best in my 4×6 raised bed. I am very good at these things. I check out all the right books from the library. Ask all the right questions of the Master Gardeners at the South Minneapolis Gardening Hub. I take detailed notes and am an excellent gardener. On paper. Continue reading

Give me clear liquor or give me death

It took me a long time to have a drink that was “my drink”. A drink that I could order in any bar, anywhere, without a menu. At some point in time, I told myself I would be a real adult when I had a cocktail to call my own and not a moment before. Once I had “my drink” I would instantly be sophisticated, worldly and able to afford more than the happy hour beer that was on special. So imagine my surprise when I discovered “my drink” at the Mall of America, during happy hour. But we’ll get to that in a bit. Continue reading

Food Police

I work in hunger relief. Part of my job is stay up-to-date on hunger related issues, food news and public policy. I read this article last week and this one and this one too. Basically, I have a lot of feelings about recent food policy news. And after a 20 minute rant at Chef Boyfriend, who calmly reminded me that he’s not a politician and doesn’t care what people buy with SNAP benefits, I thought I’d work on processing my feelings by writing about them. Continue reading