Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

First thing’s first: I’m Sarah. I cook. And bake. And drink wine from time to time. I work at a hunger relief organization and talk about food access. And I love talking about food access and food justice and recipes and sustainable agriculture and gardening and artisan cheeses. If it’s food related, I’m in.

I grew up in a house filled with love and food. My mom’s a fantastic baker. Her sugar cookies are legendary. She spends hours gently rolling out the dough and frosting unique shaped cookies. I’m amazed at her patience. She has a cabinet full of cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes. Want a kangaroo? Debbie’s got it.

At 20, trying to find my place in the world, I enrolled in culinary school. I moved to a new state, got my first apartment all by myself and started classes. And my world changed. I was surrounded by others who were as obsessed with food as I was. I fell in love with being in the kitchen. And I met a boy.

I stayed in Minneapolis after culinary school and worked at a handful of bakeries. I baked hundreds of muffins, assembled plated desserts, and frosted cupcakes faster than anyone I know. But I couldn’t stand the heat. I never found the place and grew weary of the hours.

I tried a few things and finally ended up in hunger relief. The organization I work for is progressive, policy focused and extraordinary. And we love food.

I still cook constantly in my beautifully remodeled kitchen in South Minneapolis. That boy I met in culinary school? We’re still together and make delicious meals for one another. He bought me a Wolf gas range…I’m pretty sure that’s love.

So stick around. I’m excited to share my thoughts on food with you.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

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